Rampone&cazzani Eb Baritone Saxophone 2009/J/AG/NOA/NOF#

Rampone & Cazzani Eb Baritone Saxophone 2009/J/AG/NOA/NOF#

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Rampone&cazzani Eb Baritone Saxophone 2009/J/AG/NOA/NOF# Vintage silver
plated body and keys


Passion, creativity and attention to detail.

The artist who buys a Rampone R1 Jazz Saxophone knows that he/she has decided to welcome into his/her life an instrument with a wealth of history backed up by modern Italian craftsmanship. As a “Hand Made Saxophone” each one is unique and has its own identity, much like the artist to which it is to be wed.
When ready for presentation to you, the artist, the sax is engraved by hand making it an even more precious reminder that you are not just playing a saxophone but a Rampone Saxophone.


A Sonority born from Brass

We select the best materials … Brass, Sterling Silver and Gold … and combine them in a kaleidoscope of possible permutations searching for the “voice” which becomes “Your Voice”.